Elevation Profile for Rest Stop 6 to Finish

The Finish
Terrible Two Ride Director Bill Oetinger talks with Brian Bowling at the finish
I made it to the finish at 9:51 with just 9 minutes to spare!!

The Finish Banquet
The Santa Rosa Cycling Club had a really great banquet at the Finish
Sorry for the bad photo
I was so tired, I didn't get many photos of the Finish
The feeling at the Finish was electric and I was mighty glad to be here

The Finish
Finishing a truly epic day of cycling!!

A big thanks to the many Santa Rosa Cycling Club's great volunteers for soaking us down
and keeping us as cool as possible in the horrific conditions.

The Terrible Two has the reputation of being the toughest Double in the United States.
After ten years of comparatively cool weather, the Terrible Two showed how tough it can really be.

Congratulations to everyone who started this ride, a big congrats to those who made it 109 miles to lunch,
and a huge congrats who ventured out into the blast furnace on Skaggs Spring Road.
From there to the finish, it all depended upon how well your body could handle the 110+ Degree heat
while climbing those brutally steep roads and still stay upright!!

I tip my hat to all who rode the historic 2003 Terrible Two.

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