Elevation Profile for Rest Stop 3 to 4

Skaggs Springs 1
Skaggs Springs has a bunch of twists and turns
In 2003, the heater came on full blast along here with temperatures soaring from 110 to 120 degrees!!

Climb on Skaggs Springs
The climbs on Skaggs Springs are steep and made worse by the heat
In 2003, I had a Thermonuclear Power Meltdown along here as buzzards and vultures
were circling above searching for my nearly dead carcass!!

A very welcome Water Stop
This water stop was an absolute godsend on Skaggs Springs
Without the cooling effect of these wet towels, my nearly dead carcass might be still out there.

Skaggs Springs 2
Skaggs Springs climb Part 2 is horrifically steep made much worse by brutal heat trapped in the hills
In 2003, temperatures soared to 118 degrees and baked me right off the bike here
I tried to walk for awhile but ended up not even having the power to do that!!??
So I laid down on the side of the road to just try to recover from this Thermonuclear Power Meltdown.
A number of folks saw me laying on the side of the road and asked if I was O.K.
Thanks to Michelle Kashima suggesting I drench my head in water with the next SAG
vehicle and thanks to those good SAG volunteers, I was able to roll again down the road.

Shade at last
Shade at last ... Thank heaven above for shade at last!!

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