Elevation Profile for Rest Stop 5 to 6

The Climb up Fort Ross Road
The climb up Fort Ross Road is brutally steep made steeper by the 13,850 feet
you've already climbed by the start of this redwood tree lined and beautiful climb!!
I remember almost falling over in order to take this shot while sufferring up this climb
In 2003, the heater was FINALLY throttled down so temperatures were in the 60's and 70's on this climb
If you listen carefully, you may hear the Allman Brothers playing "One Way Out" in the forest up ahead

Near the top of Fort Ross Road
Near the top of the Fort Ross climb, it was Blue Skies all around
In 1998, I was following a cyclist along this stretch which was so steep,
he lost balance and tumbled in the weeds along the side of the road!!
Fortunately we were only able to crank at 3-4 MPH so he wasn't injured

Top of Fort Ross Road
Shockingly beautiful
It was so awesome to look down at the fog lined coast from the top of Fort Ross Road!!
Cycling doesn't get much better than this

Hit the hammer
Flat road - Blue sky - Time to hit the hammer!!

Black Mountain
The climb up Black Mountain still gets your attention with some gradients up to 15%!!
Will the climbing ever be done?
Oh by the way, the descents all day long get your attention because they're twisty and technical!!

Flying through Cazadero
My legs are finally felling stronger after the Thermonuclear Power Meltdown a few hours ago
Now the question is, "Can I finish this off before 10:00 P.M.?"

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