Elevation Profile for Rest Stop 4 to 5

Rest Stop 4 Camp Gualala
The Camp Gualala Rest Stop here was a very welcome sight indeed
I wasn't sure I'd ever see this place again!!
In 2003, the temperature finally dropped below 90 degrees for the first time in the last 6 hours!!

Climb on The Wall
The climb up The Wall is brutally steep
At least the temperatures were dropping below 90 along here in 2003 as we headed to the coast

Stewarts Point
At Stewarts Point, the route turns south along the ocean on Highway 1

Regrouping at Stewarts Point
Stewarts Point is a good place to regroup
In 2003, temperatures dropped from 120 down to 55 or a 65 degree drop in 3 hours
We started getting cold here because few of us brought any clothes since it was so warm at the start

Fog along the ocean
The ride down Highway 1 was mostly in the fog
It was plenty cold along the ocean on Highway 1
Next time I'll bring a vest and arm warmers

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