VOLER Gold Five Thousand Mile Club Short Sleeve Jersey

The California Triple Crown is having a contest to design a new Gold Five Thousand Mile Club Jersey. The winning design will be selected by the California Triple Crown Team. The cyclist who submits the winning design will get the honor of seeing his or her jersey fabricated and made available for all California Triple Crown cyclists who have completed 25 Double Centuries and have given back to our sport by volunteering with at least One Double Century. The winner will also receive a free jersey!!

Of course, the best riders will set a goal of volunteering at least 10% of the time ... so they will set a goal of volunteering 2-3 times along with completing 25 Double Centuries.

We understand that there is a BIG distance between completing 3 or 5 Double Centuries and completing 50 Double Centuries which are necessary to be in the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. Life oftentimes gets in the way on the path to the Hall of Fame. This Jersey will provide a good sub-goal to cyclists on their way to their Hall of Fame dreams of completing 50 Double Centuries and volunteering at One or More Double Century.

The design contest deadline is July 31, 2018. We will work with a Voler Graphic Artist in August and then have a final design prepared so you can see it after which all riders who have completed 25 or More Double Centuries in the California Triple Crown will be able to order these new Jerseys. We will place a large order of these Jerseys in late September and we will ship them out when they arrive from Voler in early December. The following options will be available for ordering:


Submitting Your Design:

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