This California Triple Crown Logo can be seen on Winner's Jerseys and Patches!!
2006 California Triple Crown Registration

"It's the hard things in life that make us strong."
From a Mormon Pioneer Diary
Over 150 Years Ago
On the long trek to the Salt Lake Valley

          The purpose of the California Triple Crown program is to not only encourage you to participate in these Double Centuries but, more importantly, to recognize your accomplishments. Once you successfully complete any three of the California Triple Crown Double Centuries, you are a Triple Crown Winner and will receive a Triple Crown patch or refrigerator magnet at no charge. You will have earned the right to purchase a California Triple Crown Jersey and other really neat products. You will be listed as a California Triple Crown Winner on the Internet at, which we are constantly updating and improving!!

          The best way to stay up to date with the California Triple Crown is to subscribe to the E-Mail List. You can easily subscribe to the California Triple Crown E-mail List HERE and you'll be able to easily come back to register later.

          Once you have completed all of the Doubles that you are going to for the season, you need to register here. I compile the California Triple Crown list based on the spelling of your last name and will be comparing this form to the winner's list from each of the rides which are the final word. To verify the results, go to, then to the Schedule Page, then to the Results of each of the rides you did: make sure you are listed and that your First and Last Names are spelled the same way on all results. Work with the ride organizer to make any necessary corrections. By verifying the ride results and then registering here, Iíll make sure you get the credit you deserve.

          We are asking about which Doubles you have helped to support this year. These rides can only continue if volunteers (spelled Y-O-U) jump in and help. We will be tracking this on the Web Site. Support means that you and/or a family member or friend volunteered to help with a Double Century. In order to be in the "Gold Thousand Mile Club", you will need to complete at least five Doubles and support at least one Double in the series. If you complete at least five Doubles but don't support one, you'll still be in the Thousand Mile Club but not the Gold Group. It's not enough to just ride the rides because if that's all everyone does, these major adventures will go the way of the dinosaurs!! It's not easy running Rest Stops 200+ Miles from nowhere so each of these rides need YOUR help.

          Charlie Irwin and his team at AFM are once again building the Customized Products. These folks deserve a BIG THANK YOU because this is a BIG job!! I'll be sending out the Winner's Letter at the end of the year. However, you can order the Triple Crown Products before then: just go to the California Triple Crown Products on the Web Site, print the Order Form, fill it out and send it in. The California Triple Crown is strictly a volunteer job and has no money for me to return your phone calls. After factoring in hundreds of hours we put into making all of this happen, each of us continue to lose money on this project: we do it because we like these Major Cycling Adventures and simply want them to continue.

          There's no faking it on these rides. You have my respect for your accomplishments.

Chuck Bramwell
California Triple Crown Guy

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