OCW Saturday Century E-Mail List

The purpose of the OCW Saturday Century E-Mail List is to communicate information regarding the routes on these rides as well as allow discussion of Century Cycling Tips.

The Orange County Wheelmen have organized some outstanding "Saturday Centuries" since 1990. These rides have been especially beneficial for those training for Centuries, Double Centuries, or other longer rides during the year. The Orange County Wheelmen have a great web site at www.ocw.org which includes a link to their Membership Application and a complete Ride Calendar. OCW is a great club to belong to but you don't have to belong to OCW to join in on these Century rides.

It is an unmoderated discussion E-Mail List which means that anything you post to this list is sent out to about 300 readers. On the average, you will receive just a couple of E-Mails per week from this list.

The most typical use of this list will be to announce the route for the upcoming Saturday Century.

Each E-Mail sent from this list will have a Subject Line that starts with [OCWSatCentury] so you can easily see where it's coming from. This might come in handy if you want to have your E-Mail program automatically file these E-mails in a separate folder.

From 12/29/01 to 6/25/07, this list was served by the topica servers and you can view the messages previously sent on the topica list HERE.