2002 Dr. Bob Breedlove's Record Attempt

Dr. Bob Breedlove and his crew on the Huntington Beach Pier!!
Photo Taken by Chuck Bramwell

Dr. Bob Breedlove is attempting to break the Transamerica solo bicycle record for a 50+ male. The current record is 10 days 6 hours set by Tom Davies in RAAM '95.

Dr. Bob Breedlove started from Huntington Beach, California on June 22, 2002 at 3:00 P.M. He'll ride 2,890 miles from Huntington Beach to Atlantic City, following a course designed by RAAM director Lon Haldeman.

The photo above is one of 10 photos taken by Chuck Bramwell at the start line which you can view HERE.
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After the events of September 11, Breedlove decided to ride to remember and honor heroes that have fallen in the line of duty -- not only those that fell on September 11, but those that make the sacrifice everyday, in all forms of public service.

The record attempt will raise funds for The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. ICISF is a non-profit, open membership foundation, dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress through the provision of: education, training and support services for all Emergency Services professions.

To donate to the ICISF and learn more about the record attempt, go to www.lineofduty.org

Nick Gerlich met Dr. Bob in Tucumcari, New Mexico on June 25, 2002 and posted his photos HERE.

Bob went on to indeed break the Transcontinental Record by completing the course in 9 Days, 19 Hours, and 47 Minutes as described HERE !!

This web page was created by Chuck Bramwell of the California Triple Crown.

Winners in the prestigious California Triple Crown are the elite Long Distance Bicyclists in California since they have completed at least three Double Centuries in that year.

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