Chuck's 1999 RAAM Start Line Photos Page 2

A large pack of local riders followed us to Yorba Park. This was taken on Redhill in Tustin, California.
"Off The Front"
Gerry Tatrai and Hugh Murphy have a chance to talk bike stuff.
Jewett Pattee is 75 Years Young on the Team Secure Horizons!!
Wow ... that California Triple Crown Jersey is looking good on Hugh!!
Rolling into Yorba Park for 5 minutes with the crews.
Rob Kish is competing in his 14th RAAM!! He's the only solo male to win it 3 Times!!
Hanging Loose at Yorba Park. The Race really starts at the end of the Bike Path 7 miles down the road where you really need to fasten your seat belt!!

Check back for some more photos coming soon.

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