200 Kilometer Brevet 1/16/99 Photos Part 2

T.K. Gardner in his Terrible Two Jersey was happy to get to the top!!
I felt pretty good at the top of Jack Rabbit Trail as well.
At Control 1 in Beaumont, Bill Hughes was there to sign everyone's Brevet Card and help with the paperwork.

Having ridden 7 Double Centuries the last couple of years, Bill is no stranger to Long Distance cycling.
T.K. Gardner is looking good in his Terrible Two Jersey in front of the World Famous Agua Mansa Cemetery.

The weird thing is that there is hardly anything here.

It must be a case of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers???
The Agua Mansa Industrial Park here is most impressive.

There is this great sign but nothing else for blocks and blocks.
(It was the same way last year)

Even the Palm Trees are dying here!!

One of the great things about these rides is that they take you to exotic far away places you would have never ever dreamed of riding a bike to!!
After 110 Miles on very rough roads with not enough training under my belt, this sign said it all -- except that we were coming through a day early.
We got into the finish here just as the sun was going down.

Here is Doug Patterson, Ivey Henderson, Tim Sullivan, and T.K. Gardner at the finish (Left to Right).

Doug, Ivey, T.K. and I worked together in a paceline the last half of the ride that helped as we worked back into the wind.
Mike and Arlene Ross came in right behind us. This couple are members of the Phoenix Bullshifters Bike Club and came over from Phoenix for this Brevet. No strangers to Long Distance Cycling, they've ridden 49 Double Centuries in the California Triple Crown Series since 1990!!

Everyone agreed that this was a hard but good day of cycling!!

The next brevet is 300 Kilometers scheduled for January 30.

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