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This California Triple Crown Logo can be seen on Winner's Jerseys and Patches!!
California Triple Crown
This California Triple Crown Logo can be seen on Winner's Jerseys and Patches!!
Bruce Campbell on the 2016 Grand Tour
Bruce Campbell flying in his Blue California Triple Crown Jersey on the 2016 Grand Tour
Bruce was working with Tony Rodriguez and Camille Longino on their Silver Bullet Tandem along with Kevin Walsh

Rob Kelly
Rob Kelly cranking in his Yellow California Triple Crown Jersey

Curtis McPherson and Paa Ana
Curtis McPherson and Paa Ana flying in their Gold Thousand Mile Club Jerseys on the 2017 Grand Tour

Noel Nabor
Noel Nabor was looking sharp in his California Triple Crown Stage Race Jersey on the 2017 Grand Tour

"See that speck in the distance
They say that's why you're here
The spin, the drive, the grind - All of it
To chase that
But look around … we don't need a finish line
It's not about being done with it
It's about doing it

Why this road?
Because it's here

Why this time?
Because it's now

Pursue the thrill
Pursue the journey
As though it never ends
Wherever it may take you"
Watch the The Pursuit Video
Dream of your next Double Century Sunrise!!


The 2018 California Triple Crown Schedule has been announced at:

02/17/18 Camino Real Double

03/10/18 Joshua Tree Double Century

03/17/18 Solvang Spring Double

04/07/18 Southern Inyo Double Century

04/14/18 Mulholland Double

04/21/18 Hemet D.C.

04/28/18 Devil Mountain Double  2018 California Triple Crown Stage Race Double

05/12/18 Central Coast Double

05/19/18 Davis Double

05/19/18 Heartbreak Double

06/02/18 Eastern Sierra Double

06/09/18 Classic Tour of Two Forests Double

06/16/18 Terrible Two  2018 California Triple Crown Stage Race Double

06/23/18 Grand Tour

06/30/18 Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge

07/21/18 Borrego Double Century

07/28/18 Southern Inyo Double Century by Moonlight

08/04/18 Mt. Tam Double  2018 California Triple Crown Stage Race Double

08/25/18 Carmel Valley Double

09/22/18 Beach City Double

09/29/18 Knoxville Fall Classic Double

09/30/18 California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast

10/06/18 Best of the Bay Double Century

10/13/18 Bass Lake Powerhouse Double

10/20/18 Solvang Autumn Double

10/27/18 Oceanside Double Century

12/01/18 Dead of Winter Double

A printer friendly version has been updated HERE

You can find the latest detailed version of the Ride Calendar at any time by going to and selecting the CTC Ride Calendar which takes you to

and shows you the detailed version of the calendar complete with Registration Open Date, Early Bird Discount Date, Late Fee Date, Registration Close Date, Volunteer Ride Date, and a link to easily Volunteer for each of the Doubles.

We do our best to not have any Double Centuries in the series on the same day.  We are fully aware that date conflicts are not good for either event reducing the number of riders and the number of volunteers available for both events.

Each of the California Triple Crown Double Centuries is a Major Adventure in itself!!

A BIG Thanks to the Ride Organizers of each of these Double Centuries.  Please thank them for the many hours they work to organize these incredibly complicated events.

Over the years, we have spoken to many cyclists who picked a difficult Double Century as their first.  In many cases, they weren't able to complete it because of mechanical, biomechanical, or mental challenges.  We are convinced that these cyclists could have completed one of the flatter Doubles with a great sense of accomplishment.  They could have found that riding Doubles is challenging but also fun!!

Not a single one of these rides is easy.  Each will provide you with a "Personal Growth Experience".  Don't make the mistake of moving into the tougher Doubles until you're ready - mechanically, biomechanically, and mentally!!  Once you're well prepared, the California Triple Crown Double Century series has plenty of challenges for you.

When you have successfully complete three of the above Doubles, you are a Triple Crown Winner.  You have earned the right to buy lots of cool products as shown at

Bicycling publications and club newsletter editors receive your name for print.  Your name is included on the California Triple Crown web sites at


You become part of a group of select Bicyclists and have the tremendous satisfaction of completing one of the most difficult Bicycling events anywhere!!

The California Triple Crown is a small, completely volunteer organization established to publish the schedule and the results of these rides.

In order to receive California Triple Crown Credit for completing one of these Double Centuries, you must be on the Official Finisher's list for the 200 Miles as published by the Ride Organizer. 

Please be sure that the exact spelling of your First and Last Name is the same when you register for the California Triple Crown and when you register for each of the Double Centuries because we post the results of the Double Centuries to the California Triple Crown records based on your First and Last Name. 

Hugh Murphy, the organizer of the Southern Inyo and Southern Inyo by Moonlight Doubles, wrote: "Early Bird registration for the spring Southern Inyo Double Century and summer Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double Century opens today. The savings are huge along with an option to bundle both rides. For ride and registration details go to

Any rider that uses the spring Southern Inyo Double as their first ever Double, upon completion will get an additional discount of $25.00 off the entry price of the summer Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double Century. The discount will be off the price the Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double was on the day you registered for the spring Double. Or first time double riders can deduct $25.00 from the bundle price. Any current CTC riders that recruit a new rider can also deduct $25.00 from the bundle price. The new rider must mention the recruiters name at time of registration for both to get the discount."

We believe this new pricing policy by Hugh to encourage new Double Century riders is the first time an organizer has implemented such a policy. Please spread the word!!

Anny Beck, the organizer of the Joshua Tree, Borrego, and Oceanside Doubles wrote: “New dinner options at Joshua Tree, reflective ankle bands, bumper stickers, high-tech vitamin & mineral complex, PRODOVITE, and a 2018 Calendar with photos of riders are available. For all of the details, please go to

Dzung Dang, the organizer of the Carmel Valley Double, wrote: "For this year, the Carmel Valley Double will start and finish in King City to avoid extreme high heat during midday. Also, lodging is more reasonably priced in King City. For camping enthusiasts we have tent and RV camping at the start / finish location - Salinas Valley Fairgrounds.

Now that Highway 1 is open with the newly constructed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge we will have the original loop course with two scenic climbs: Carmel Valley Rd. in the morning, and Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. in the afternoon. Lunch will be served along the coast in Big Sur at mile 103. The updated ride description is HERE"

The California Triple Crown records one ride credit and/or one volunteer credit to each event based on the results posted by the Ride Organizers.

If you want these rides to continue, please bring your friends and families along and ask the ride organizer how they can help make the ride a success!!

If you want these rides to improve, volunteer and do your part to make them better!!

Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it!!

Accept The Challenge: Be A California Triple Crown Winner!!

One final thought: Please keep Andrew Valiunas in your thoughts and prayers. Andrew was struck by a vehicle on December 20 on Mulholland Highway. He had surgery for a broken femur, and also has a shattered shoulder as well as many broken ribs. Please help Andrew cover his medical expenses: copays and physical therapy and other costs that will be needed as his leg and shoulder heal by contributing HERE. Andrew is an amazing cyclist and a tough guy but an injury like this at 67 years of age is brutal no matter how tough you are. Sadly, we can't bounce back from these things like when we were young. He wants to say thank you to all who have helped him. And that he will be riding again one day! Let's help him get back on his bicycle!

Chuck Bramwell
Chuck Bramwell
California Triple Crown
Frank Neal
Frank Neal
California Triple Crown
Data Guy
In Spirit
Charlie Irwin
Charlie Irwin
California Triple Crown
Software Guy

Roland Hoffman
Roland Hoffman
California Triple Crown
History Guy
Lynn Katano
Lynn Katano
California Triple Crown
Social Director
Mike Sturgill
Mike Sturgill
California Triple Crown
Assistant Data Guy

Tony Musorafite
Tony Musorafite
California Triple Crown
Assistant Data Guy

We are proud to say that the California Triple Crown
is a completely volunteer organization. for Information for Rider Stats

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